Data analytics

Data analytics are at the core of a successful fundraising program. Great analytics will tell you much about your donors, their motivations, behaviours and, as important, what their LTV and campaign ROI will be. In addition, how to best approach donors and what to approach them for! Ultimately analytics make measurable improvements in your campaigns LTV and ROI. Use our expertise to combine data analytics and fundraising and we can provide you with outstanding results.

Reporting tools and analysis

Every successful business engages reporting structures, tools and analysis to manage their operations. How can you measure success without them?  When we work with clients we engage appropriate tools and effective analysis to both manage and monitor program success. These tools are tailored for your operation and allow accurate tracking not only for your own management but for presenting to the appropriate senior stakeholders.

Campaign segmentation

The better your segmentation, the better the outcomes for your campaigns. We can help you optimise your campaign segmentation giving your much greater insight into your donors. This will then give us key information on who to ask and for how much. Sound segmentation means you will know who is likely to give, those who will give more and more often and those that need a strategy developed to turn them into donors.

Campaign Analysis

We can provide you with post campaign analysis that will give you the level of information you need to produce more effective campaigns in the future. We have the knowledge and expertise to look at your campaign data and provide you with meaningful and profitable analysis and turn it into exceptional fundraising results.