Create. Grow. Nurture.

We create tailored strategies that are aligned to your desired outcomes and via collaborative and comprehensive consultation, we plan, develop, implement and monitor the performance of these fundraising activities. There is no guesswork and nothing is left to chance.We seek to create strategies that translate in to real and functional inputs that reflect the organisations goals and create significant outcomes.

We grow fundraising potential to minimise risk. In simple terms we identify risk elements such as unpredictable (and often heavily relied upon) funding streams such Government grants and mitigate this risk by developing proven alternative plans such as acquisition and retention strategies.

We nurture and enhance your organisation’s skill set via comprehensive training on all elements of strategy and fundraising from audits and risk analysis to gift giving and retention. We provide one-on-one consultations with key decision makers including coaching for senior staff across areas often overlooked including financial planning and organisational change management.

All of these elements are critical for fundraising success, sustainability and longevity!

We encourage you to learn more about our specific services below and how they can create the long-term fundraising outcomes you and your beneficiaries’ desire.

Strategy Development

A strong, long-term strategy is without question the foundation of successful fundraising. Woven throughout this are many elements often overlooked but critical to fundraising success. From planning, resource allocation and risk analysis; to financial forecasting and operations management, all elements must be considered.

Through this process your organisation and fundraising activitieswill thrive and maximise the result to your beneficiaries.

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From recipes to business success, the ‘mix’ of ingredients or elements is all important. With fundraising programs, we’ll help you identify and focus on the right areas and channels to maximise these elements. We’ll then create a portfolio that suits your operation and objectives and has the greatest chance of long-term-success.

How do we do this?

We break the process into three core areas that will ultimately drive the success of your fundraising revenue year-on-year.

These are:

  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Building Donor Value

There is no question acquisition of new donors and retention of existing ones is critical to long term success.

Through our consultancy services, we create and implement strong and cost-effective acquisition and retention strategies. Working with you, we then ensure your fundraising program focuses on building value and commitment fromdonors – ultimately increasing their annual giving levels.

Overall, we will help you integrate your fundraising programs and increase the overall value of the fundraising strategy.

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Data Analytics

Whether campaign segmentation, a life-time-value (LTV), return-on- investment (ROI) analysis or a deep dive into your database for an audit, data is king and can shape your future fundraising. Our data analytics will help unlock the secrets of your database and combined with our fundraising expertise, ensure you get the greatest value from your supporters.

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Resource Management

As professional fundraisers and a fundraising consultancy, we understand managingand leveraging a client’s often limited resources carefully and intelligently is essential.Our extensive experience has allowed us to do this successfully across multiple fundraising areas, multiple mediums and with an extensive client base.

In simple terms we make the absolute most with what we have to work with.

Our experience has taught us that good fundraising is always about effective management of resources and even when limited, you can still get outstanding results!

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International Fundraising

It’s natural to want to extend and grow your fundraising opportunities! A logical avenue is to look at new fundraising markets where there is either still strong growth potential or they are emerging markets with future potential. We have extensive experience in identifying and developing new market opportunities both domestically and in internationally.

As important, we’ll help prepare and position you to meet and maximise revenue opportunities in these new markets.

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Staff & Board Development

We provide a number of staff development options to your organisation. From recruitment to training, mentoring and coaching, we ensure all key stakeholders are educated and trained on all elements of your fundraising program. We also conduct Board reviews to comprehensively brief the leadership team on all aspects of your fundraising strategy.

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Capacity Building

We understand unexpected problems in your fundraising program can present themselves. We also know they are often better managed by an external professional. This ensures independence, objectivity and impartiality. We have extensive experience in managing these areas be it interim management of the programor capacity building to ensure effective running of the program.

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