New market entry

Research and preparation is essential when considering entering a new market. We provide critical advice on which markets are most appropriate, as well as the benefits, opportunities and challenges. As important, how a new program can be managed and the resources and investment needed to see it through to fulfilment.

Market reports

In-depth analysis is essential!  Once a market has been carefully selected, we’ll undertake appropriate analysis ensuring you understand the inherent risks and give you the best advice possible on whether your market of choice is likely to be a successful.

International fundraising trends

We are always working with clients around the globe so have valuable insights into international fundraising trends that will greatly benefit you in your chosen fundraising markets.

Helping your country office

Leveraging our knowledge and contacts in international markets, we’ll share relevant knowledge and implementation strategies to increase your scope and maximise your fundraising revenue across your global operations.

Knowledge and experience of best international practice will bring considerable advantages to your strategy including country office benchmarking.