Staff mentoring and coaching

All staff, existing or new can benefit from mentoring and coaching in best practice fundraising. We can help individuals seeking promotion to enhance their skills or develop leadership skills in newly appointed managers.

We also provide fundraising mentor support to senior staff including CEO’s. This process helps in managing fundraising issues or brainstorming new ideas and strategies. We understand it’s not easy to find this person in your organisation so our mentor service can provide great value at opportune times.


A natural part of our service, we develop bespoke training packages tailored for your organisation. Our training programs can also be designed for specific groups or individuals from the Board to the actual fundraising team.


A successful fundraising strategy relies completely on the team that has to deliver it.

In saying this we know finding the right staff can be difficult. We specialise in fundraising recruitment and can readily identify key individuals to fit your organisation.

It’s simple. We’re professional fundraisers so we know what to look for!

Workshop facilitation

Independent facilitation is critical for successful fundraising workshops. We maintain objectivity, identify and drive conversations and ideas to ensure the best is extracted from the workshop.

Board reviews

It is essential your Board of Directors conducts a review of its governance and overall organisational position on a regular basis.

We have extensive experience in conducting independent and objective board reviews that focus on key areas including skills, knowledge, performance and development needs. In addition, identifying the skills required to those that currently exist.

In essence, the outcome of a board review is to strengthen its effectiveness, governance and the organisation as a whole to ensure business can be conducted at the highest level.

Board training and mentoring

We understand most Board Members come from a non-fundraising background. We will work with your board to educate them on the essentials of a successful fundraising strategy and ensure they ask the right questions at board meetings!